Master’s 学位 in Jewish Education



  • 完成 在线申请, which includes prompts for a short biography, 教育历史, 个人陈述, and names of your three recommenders.
  • Official transcripts from all postsecondary studies. (If you’re currently enrolled in a degree program, you may submit an unofficial transcript. An official transcript will be needed to enroll.)
  • 完成 Hebrew placement exam (provided by the Office of 招生 after receipt of the 应用程序).
  • Three letters of recommendation, two of which should be academic.

建议说明: Please let your recommenders know whether you have waived your right to view the recommendations should you enroll. Applicants should seek out recommenders who can address their academic qualifications and professional and personal character.

Required Exams and Score Reports

Important Update for Fall 2024 招生

We recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause ongoing standardized testing disruptions. GRE考试/MAT or other graduate-level testing results are requested, 但是如果没有的话, an alternative metric is available. This shift in our testing policy allows applicants to prepare their 应用程序 without fear of being disadvantaged in the process. Students who are unable or choose not to submit scores will not be penalized as applicants for fall 2024. Please note that current policies around “waiving” test scores are still in-place f或者是 2024 semester.

If you have completed testing, we encourage submission of your scores as this information can be a valuable addition in our review. JTS has always practiced a holistic, individualized approach to reviewing our applicants and selecting individuals who are the best fit for our unique graduate programs. Consideration of an applicant includes many factors beyond test scores; we are confident our applicants will continue to demonstrate those qualities to us through their 应用程序s again this year.

  • All applicants must submit official scores on the general test of the GRE考试 (JTS GRE考试代码是2339)或 米勒类比测验(MAT)Please note the above update to JTS’s testing policy.
  • 官方分数 Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) 或者是 多邻国英语测试 for applicants whose native language is other than English and who have not been educated at a college where English is the language of instruction. These test scores are valid for two years from the date taken.

Testing may be waived for one of the following reasons and is at the discretion of the admissions director or dean:

  • Applicant is a graduate of 大学列表 at JTS with a GPA of 3.0或更高.
  • Applicant holds a relevant graduate degree from an accredited university and can provide an official transcript that indicates successful completion of all required course work.
  • Applicant has completed non-degree courses at JTS with a GPA of 3.3 or higher (excluding courses in Hebrew language and the summer Nishma program).


Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis after January 1. Please see below for specific 应用程序 deadline information.

学位 申请的最后期限 Notification of Admission Status from JTS 申请人回复截止日期
硕士优先录取 3月1日 4月30日 6月1日
普通录取 5月1日 6月15日 7月15日


  • To be considered for a tuition fellowship, please submit the FAFSA 应用程序.
  • If you plan on applying for federal loans to supplement your fellowship award, visit our 经济援助页面 查找贷款申请.


威廉·戴维森学院 Office of 招生
The Jewish Theological Seminary
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For more information or to ask questions about the 应用程序 or admissions process, please contact the 招生 Office at (212) 678-8032 or