JTS is deeply committed to strengthening the North American Jewish community’s ties to Israel and to sharing the centrality of Israel to Jewish peoplehood. We nurture these connections through study programs in Israel, rich course offerings, discussions with visiting scholars, 校园活动, 公共活动, 和更多的. 


JTS programs in Israel ask students to engage with Israeli 社会 in all its complexity, deepening their understanding of the country and preparing them to teach and speak effectively about Israel in our communities.

Programming on Campus 

JTS举办讲座, 会议, 小组讨论, and cultural events that explore and celebrate Israel from many perspectives, connecting our students and community to Israel’s remarkable achievements and the issues it faces today. The public programs we organize for the community are rich and diverse, from discussions with renowned experts about topics like the Israel Defense Forces’ code of ethics to a night of music with the Israeli Chamber Project.

Academic 课程 and Activities

Both undergraduate and graduate students can enroll in a broad range of courses relating to the State of Israel, 包括它的历史, 社会, 和文学.

A Campus Presence in Israel

Just as Israel is present on the JTS campus, so too is JTS present in Israel. Our community extends all the way to Israel through the Schocken Institute for Jewish Research, our academic hub in Jerusalem where our rabbinical students study during their year in Israel and where we conduct significant research as well as host workshops and exhibits. 另外, JTS has a few partnership programs with the 豹 Institute of Jewish Studies, allowing our students to study in Israel before continuing their studies back in New York City.

豹, Davidson, and Rabbinical 学校 Joint Program


Within this collaborative arrangement, a year of study at followed by a year of study at The William Davidson Graduate 学校 of Jewish Education count toward one year of rabbinical studies at JTS, making the joint program a six-year rabbinical studies and master’s program instead of a seven-year endeavor.

Graduates of this joint program earn a Certificate in Jewish Studies from 豹; a Master of Arts in Jewish Education through The William Davidson 学校 of The Jewish Theological Seminary; and rabbinic ordination from 犹太学校 of The Jewish Theological Seminary.

  • First year: Student participates in 豹 Experiential Educators Program at 豹 in Jerusalem, and takes online courses for MA in Jewish Education at The William Davidson 学校.
  • Second year: Student completes MA in Jewish Education at The William Davidson 学校.
  • Third through sixth year: Student completes studies at 犹太学校.

Admission Requirements

Students will apply to The William Davidson 学校 and 豹 in preparation of the first two years of the program. Students will then apply to 犹太学校 in year two in preparation for their studies in year three.

  • Online application to both 豹 and The William Davidson 学校.
  • An official transcript of academic records from all colleges and universities.
  • Placement tests for Hebrew language and text levels.
  • Three letters of recommendation.
  • 个人论文.
  • 面试.

For more information about the program and how to apply, email