的 Rebecca and Israel Ivry Prozdor teen learning program is an inspiring, innovative center for Judaic and 希伯来语 studies for teens across the New York metropolitan area.

2024年秋季课程现已开放注册. 2024年9月8日开学. 了解更多mg电子试玩appMG免费游戏试玩平台线上官方网站Prozdor的信息 5月5日星期日开放参观.


Prozdor周日在JTS碰头, bringing together a diverse group of teens to access classical Jewish 文本, 提高他们的希伯来语, and find contemporary meaning in the concepts and values of Jewish tradition. 由专门的教师指导, students are encouraged to ask the questions that matter to them and develop answers that speak authentically to them as young Jews in the 21st century.


Prozdor students are 8th to 12th graders from across the greater New York area, 包括所有五个区, 威彻斯特, 长岛, 新泽西州北部和中部, 和康涅狄格. 欢迎所有犹太背景的学生.


在Prozdor,我们非常重视青少年. It is our highest responsibility to unlock their appetite for Jewish learning. For thousands of years, Jewish people have been in conversation about big, important ideas. Teens can fall in love with that conversation if they are invited to participate at their own level. 关心和尊重每一个学生, we seek to build a culture of intellectual vitality and love for Judaism.


贝特米德拉什: 贝特米德拉什 字面意思是“学习的房子”,” but it also signifies a philosophy of learning: students working together, 直接访问文本, 在一个亲密的空间里, 信任, 和开放. 在普罗兹多 贝特米德拉什 is the heart of the program—a space filled with the sounds of small groups of students engaged in animated, 自我激励的律法学习, 在充满爱心和启发的老师的指导下. 利用学生的兴趣和激情, teachers develop study units that allow students to encounter a variety of topics and methods. 而不是家庭作业或考试, 学生们互相分享知识, 作为学生和教师的发展.

学习单元分为四类, each involving distinct methods for approaching ideas, 文本, 和对话:

  1. 深入希伯来圣经研究 (e.g., feminism in Ruth and Esther; the outsiders in the Book of Genesis)
  2. 历史的视角 (e.g.、犹太移民、犹太历史上的纽约)
  3. 了解塔木德 (e.g., Bava Metzia: the ethics of lost and found; Sanhedrin: a just death?)
  4. 犹太人思想的主题 (e.g., chosenness; science and spirituality)

希伯来语: We offer classes for all levels and backgrounds in spoken Modern 希伯来语, taught by native Israeli teachers and other experienced educators.

社区的时间: Each day of Prozdor begins with half an hour of activities and candid conversation that brings all students and faculty together, 建设学校文化. 话题可以包括时事, 犹太人的身份, 反犹主义的经历, 犹太教堂的技能, 以及其他与我们整个社区有关的事情.

特殊的程序: Our calendar is punctuated with events like field trips, 演讲嘉宾, 以及JTS的年度青少年峰会.


Our schedule varies from week to week and throughout the year according to the shape of our students’ learning projects. 这是基本结构:

9:30 a.m.–10:00 a.m.: 社区的时间

10:00 a.m.–11:30 a.m.: 贝特米德拉什

11:30 a.m.中午: 百吉饼打破

Noon-1:30 p.m.: 希伯来语


  • 犹太人承诺: Prozdor prepares Jewish teens to commit to leading Jewish lives in college and beyond. Prozdor graduates have gone on to join synagogues and minyanim, take leadership roles at Hillels and other Jewish organizations, 继续学习犹太知识. Adolescent psychology tells us that teens create models for their adult lives based on interactions with role models and peers. This is the most important time to give your child the gift of a stimulating Jewish education.
  • 希伯来语言: 在Prozdor, students maintain the 希伯来语 knowledge that they bring with them into the program and even expand on it, remaining comfortable and at home in the language of the Jewish people. With 90 minutes per week of modern 希伯来语 instruction by skilled native Israeli teachers, our students come to see 希伯来语 language as an essential piece of their emerging 犹太人的身份.
  • 大学招生: 我们的学生正在通往优秀大学的道路上. Top-tier schools love to see the passion for academics and long-term dedication to community that a Prozdor diploma demonstrates. 我们提供成绩单和推荐信. Recent Prozdor graduates have gone on to attend Harvard, 棕色(的), 康奈尔大学, 塔夫茨大学, 芝加哥大学, 华盛顿大学. 以及其他优秀的学院和大学.
  • 社会生活: 在Prozdor, students expand their social circles and connect with other engaged Jewish teens, 建立可以持续一生的关系.



I started coming to Prozdor because my parents made me—now I come because I want to!

Prozdor has taught me how to unapologetically embrace my 犹太人的身份!

I have learned how to analyze Talmudic arguments and see how everything is layered on top of each other. I have also learned how to do a close reading of the Tanakh.

我变得更加直言不讳了, 有原则的, and more comfortable with my Judaism from participating in the program. 我会永远感激在普罗兹多的时光.


I’ve been extremely impressed by both the teachers and the students at Prozdor. 的 贝特米德拉什 classes are a model of what high-school level Jewish education can and should be: teachers helping students to engage seriously with Jewish 文本 in an atmosphere that encourages inquiry and the exchange of ideas.丽莎H.

My son has really been enjoying his Prozdor experience. It provides him with a great opportunity to continue to learn about and further explore his Jewish heritage and identity in a very open and welcoming environment. He is gaining a better understanding and improving his knowledge of various Judaic 文本 and the 希伯来语 language, and is being exposed to interesting new perspectives from his teachers and peers at Prozdor.加里·N.


  • Prozdor tuition for the 2024–25 academic year is $2,795 per student.
  • No prospective student is turned away for inability to pay. 请电子邮件 ivryprozdor@florenciacondiana.com 有关申请经济援助的信息.


We’d love to talk to you more about Prozdor and answer your questions. 请电邮至 ivryprozdor@florenciacondiana.com