Jewish Early Childhood Education 领导 Institute (JECELI)

The Jewish Early Childhood Education 领导 Institute (JECELI) cultivates talented 领导 for the future of the Jewish world. The program brings together new and 有抱负的导演 of Jewish early childhood centers—representing a range of denominations—to develop as organizational leaders and as purpose-driven, 精神上的个人.

Inspired by the beliefs that Jewish early-childhood programs can shape the future of the Jewish community and that for early childhood programs to be successful, they must be shaped by great leaders, this program focuses on intensive Jewish 学习, 反思性实践, 领导力培训, 社区建设. 

How JECELI Enhances Early Education Leaders

The program trains directors to explore Jewish texts and practices for their own 学习, to understand and apply 领导 techniques through a Jewish lens, to integrate Israel into early childhood programs, and to nurture spiritual development—their own, as well as that of young Jewish learners and families.

Through a combination of interactive seminars, ongoing online collaborative study, 以及密集的指导, 参与者将学习:

  • Use Jewish concepts to develop 领导 styles and education practices, and collaborate effectively.
  • Model 反思性实践 through observation and dialogue.
  • Set frameworks for curriculum development, particularly in the area of Jewish studies.
  • Manage complex 的关系 at all organizational levels in order to create a collaborative program culture.
  • Contribute to the field of Jewish early childhood education through advocacy and through their own ongoing 学习.

The program is a collaborative endeavor with Hebrew Union College–Jewish Institute of Religion and designed in consultation with the Bank Street College of Education.


JECELI is designed for Jewish early childhood educators who are teacher leaders, 有抱负的导演, 董事助理, or early career directors (those with fewer than five years of experience).

Applicants should have a BA and have completed some course work in child development to give them an appropriate foundation for their work in JECELI.


For more information about bringing JECELI to your community or region, please contact us at



The culture of our education programs for young children can and should reflect the values that are central to Judaism. Jewish perspectives on personhood, 学习, 意向性, 的关系, 领导, and community are the foundation of the JECELI program.


Developing the strong 领导 skills needed to direct Jewish early childhood programs is an essential part of the JECELI program. These skills enable graduates to help children and adults grow and develop their Jewish identities in various contexts of Jewish 学习.


每届毕业生, as well as those currently enrolled in the program, benefit from the support of the JECELI community. Many members of the community feel that the safety and support of their colleagues empower them to take risks and share outcomes, resulting in tremendous 学习 for the entire group. This practice encourages collaborative 领导 学习 and provides a model for participants to bring back to their own communities.

Reflective Practice in a Social Context

Individuals acquire knowledge by integrating it with prior concepts, applying it in recursive opportunities, and revisiting it through intense dialogue in a social context. JECELI offers directors a uniquely intensive Jewish social context that also involves 学习 with a mentor, implementing new 学习 with ongoing support, and regular dialogue with the group.