JTS’s Con文本 Online is a two-year 知识 journey that fosters a sense of being at home in Jewish 文化, 宗教, 文本, 和文明. 参与者每周在Zoom上见面, 与主要学者一起学习,形成一个支持性的学习社区. 现在,无论你在哪里,你都可以获得这个独特的学习机会. 

  • 遇到 横扫犹太历史和古代的核心文本, 中世纪的, 现代时期.
  • Engage in close reading of 文本s and stimulating discussion guided by outstanding JTS scholars, 谁使用最好的教育技术工具和策略. 
  • 探索犹太人信仰和实践的发展, and encounter the richness and diversity of Jewish civilization with learners from across the globe. 


Each new cycle begins in the fall semester, with registration opening the previous spring. 此页面将更新为星期几和开始日期. 一年级的指导老师将在这里列出.


Share the journey with other adult learners from around the globe who are committed to serious Jewish study. Con文本 classes evolve as vibrant learning communities that support and sustain each participant’s dedication to understanding the Jewish past and exploring its meaning for our lives today.  


Con文本 is taught by JTS faculty and other distinguished scholars associated with JTS who are committed to sharing their love of Jewish learning beyond the academy. 


  • “Con文本 is a bountiful feast for the mind, taught by professors who enlighten and inspire.”  
  • “Con文本 added layers of 知识 and emotional meaning to my Jewish life and gave me the opportunity to study with the most knowledgeable and inspiring teachers that contemporary Jewish scholarship can offer.” 
  • “Using the Zoom format for Con文本 has produced a class with wide geographical, 知识, 以及经验见解.” 


电邮至 con文本@florenciacondiana.com 或(212)678-8821了解更多信息.


上下文课程的学费是每年995美元. 注册费为145美元. 

付款计划可用. One student in each Con文本 cohort supports the JTS staff as an administrative and technology liaison and receives a 50 percent tuition discount in appreciation for these services. 


1 -秋季学期:圣经与古以色列  

希伯来圣经, 或 纳赫, is the central 文本 of ancient Israel and the foundational 文本 for Judaism. This semester balances an overview of the Bible with focused discussion of core 文本s, 比如创世故事, 《mg电子试玩》, 西奈的启示, 还有先知书. 你将研究不同的圣经体裁, 结构, 和概念, 以及古代以色列的历史和 宗教经验. 圣经文本将通过不同的视角来分析:文学, historical-comparative, 还有拉比的注释. This in-depth exposure to both familiar and less familiar 文本s and to different modes of reading will challenge you—and may lead you to reconsider some long-held views.  


The rabbinic period—from the Second Temple to the completion of the Babylonian Talmud—saw the emergence of new Jewish leaders whose approach continues to define our Jewish lives today. 拉比们在学习的基础上发展了一种新的犹太教观点, 以及塑造了犹太社区轮廓的法律体系, 文化, 以及过去两千年的行为. This semester you will explore the Jewish encounter with empires of the ancient world and become familiar with the key collections of rabbinic 文本s and how to read them. Secondary readings will convey how the Rabbis grappled with urgent theological, 道德, 以及公共问题. 当与圣经文本一起考查时, these sources will reveal how central 信仰 and practices evolved radically over time.  


Jewish life during the Middle Ages (roughly the 7th century through the 17th century) built upon earlier rabbinic foundations to generate the construction of a Jewish civilization with distinctive approaches to communal life, 社会规范, 信仰, 值, 还有宗教活动. 在这学期, you will encounter core 文本s that highlight key dynamics of the Middle Ages, including Jewish 政治 and cultural relations with Muslim and Christian host societies; the creation of new modes of 社区 in the Diaspora; and the vast expansion of Jewish 文化 in the realms of philosophy, 神秘主义, 礼拜仪式, 以及文本注释.  


从18世纪的启蒙时代开始, 现代性对犹太文化构成了重大挑战, 社区, 和身份. 它创造了新的社会和经济机会, 也威胁到传统的犹太价值观和社会. 和以前一样, 现代犹太人接触神圣的 文本,这表明, 无论有多大 断裂和不连续, their passion for reading and interpretation continued to be a source for Jewish creativity and thought. 学期期间, 您将深入研究核心 哲学, 政治, and literary 文本s that reflect an ongoing engagement with the Jewish past, as well as profound interaction with and involvement in the broader surrounding 文化.  



由四个为期两年的10个学期组成, 总共40节课(80小时的教学). 每周上课一次. 每年以 非正式会议结束,进行反思和综合. 


每节课包括两个小时的学习和15分钟的休息. 下午7点开始上课.m. 晚上9点15分结束.m. ET.


阅读量因班级和老师的不同而不同. 平均, 30到60页的阅读材料, 包括第一手资料和第二手资料, 是每周分配的. Instructors will typically review each week’s assignment in advance and prioritize readings that are most central for the next class. 


You are encouraged to complete all assignments to maximize your learning experience; however, instructors understand that adult learners are busy individuals who do not always have time to complete the reading. 


Regular attendance is important for your own 知识 progress and for building a learning 社区. If you do need to miss a class, a video recording of the session will be available online. 


在线将在Zoom上进行. Students will also have access to a course website that will host readings and session recordings. 你将负责把指定的阅读材料带到课堂上, 无论是印刷版还是 电子阅读器.    


背景 参与者背景各异, from those with minimal formal Jewish education to those familiar with Jewish 文本s and traditions. 丰富的经历造就了一个充满活力的班级. 


All Con文本 classes are conducted in English, and 文本s are studied in English translation. 教师并不假定学生懂得希伯来语. 




Some instructors may require students to purchase a few books per semester. 所需书籍的数量因课程和教师的不同而不同. 所需书籍的总费用每年不超过100美元.


Because each Con文本 semester builds on the material covered in previous semesters, 你只能在两年制课程的开始注册. 


报名费为100美元,不可退还. 全额退款时间表张贴在注册页面上. 


Con文本 is taught by members of JTS’s renowned Jewish Studies faculty and by other outstanding local scholar-teachers. They bring a level of scholarship typically encountered only in university settings. 

Con文本 是学位授予项目吗? 

No. Upon completion of the two-year program, certificates are conferred in a graduation ceremony.