At The William Davidson School you will have flexible access to serious education, and you will learn with students from various Jewish backgrounds and world-renowned scholars. Choose to study for a master’s or doctoral degree in person or online.

The William Davidson School reviews applications in a holistic manner. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, and present evidence of the ability to pursue studies at the graduate level. Students should be able to demonstrate a passion for and commitment to Jewish learning and education, and be able to engage in the rigorous course work offered at JTS.  

All prospective students are required to have a preliminary interview with the admissions director. An interview with the admissions committee is required for all EdD applicants and may also be required for MA applicants. All interviews may be conducted in person or on the phone. A conversation with our associate dean is also encouraged.

For questions regarding your application, please contact the Admissions Office at